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Work Effort Tracking and Management Revisited: The Value and Process for Your Site

Presented by Beth Harper

A few years ago, we did a webinar on workload planning and management. Since then, it’s become an even more popular topic and has grown in importance as sites face the challenge of doing more with less. 

To revisit it, this webinar will cover the basics of work effort tracking and management, what can be learned from doing more formalized time and motion studies, and various approaches to tracking work effort (from little to no resources, to leveraging the work effort functionality of your CTMS). We will take a fresh look at the literature on the topic and take an early look into two ongoing work effort pilot projects currently being conducted by Forte to see what trends may be emerging.  

Join us for this informative session and learn what more you can be doing to get a better handle on your resource needs and staff productivity.

Program Objectives:  

  • Explain the importance of documenting work effort
  • Discuss techniques for evaluating and monitoring staff workload
  • List some preliminary findings from the Forte work effort pilot projects and how these can be applied to your organization

Previously recorded: August 5, 2015
60 minutes

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