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Streamline Your Clinical Trial Workload with Effective Project Management

Wendy Tate, PhD, MS
Director of Analytics, Forte

In the clinical research industry, ‘projects’ (i.e. clinical trials) are complex, time-intensive and leave little to no room for error. Particularly when conducting concurrent studies with limited resources, it can be difficult to ensure quality and timely data collection and entry on every study. This can lead to coordinator stress and unhappiness with their job despite the meaningful work they are contributing to better medical research. Clear and effective project management can make or break the success of a clinical trial, and project planning and management are a key part of achieving quality clinical data.

During this webinar, Forte’s Director of Analytics, Wendy Tate, outlines the essential factors of effective clinical trial project management and provide tips to help you successfully manage your individual research portfolio.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Essential factors of effective clinical trial project management
  • Best practices for tackling an overwhelming clinical trial workload
  • Tools to help you streamline cumbersome tasks, such as delegation of authority, document management, and more

Previously Recorded: April 12, 2018 
60 mins

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