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Steps to Transform Clinical Research Through a Site-Centric Approach

Shree Kalluri
Founder & CEO, Forte
James Wurdeman
Chief Product Officer, Forte

In the current research landscape, information exchange between industry stakeholders is still very manual and ineffective. Distrust and miscommunication have created barriers where effective communication is most valuable, such as during site selection, study feasibility and trial conduct. These disconnects between stakeholders lead to severe consequences and profound inefficiencies in clinical trial conduct. 

What if we could leverage the systems sites are already using to streamline the communication of critical trial information? What if we could give all stakeholders the information they need without increased administrative burden? 

Join us for this free webinar to hear Forte’s CEO and Founder, Shree Kalluri, explore his vision for a connected clinical trial ecosystem and the potential benefits of a more streamlined approach to clinical data exchange. During this webinar, you’ll also hear from Forte’s Chief Product Officer, James Wurdeman, about the necessary steps to make this vision a reality and where the clinical trial landscape could benefit most from more efficient information exchange. 

During this webinar, you will:

  • Explore current inefficiencies in how industry stakeholders exchange clinical data
  • Identify key points in the clinical trial process where data exchange can be effectively streamlined
  • Discover the necessary steps to breakdown industry silos and achieve a connected clinical trial ecosystem

Previously Recorded: November 6, 2018 
60 mins

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