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Steps to Operationalize Your Coverage Analysis and Achieve Compliant Billing Outcomes

Shanley Curran, JD BSN CHRC CHC CCRP
Founder & CEO
Research, Operations & Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Completing a comprehensive coverage analysis is a critical step to ensure accurate and compliant clinical research billing, and has become a common practice among research institutions. However, to gain the most benefit from your coverage analysis, it's important to establish it as the foundational source of information throughout your research billing and finance process.

Shanley Curran of Research, Operations & Compliance Solutions, Inc. discusses steps for operationalizing your coverage analysis across critical points of communication to achieve the billing, correct claims, and full reimbursement goals it drives.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Steps to establish and communicate your coverage analysis as a source of truth for the many critical stakeholders at your research institution
  • How operationalizing coverage analysis can improve clinical trial processes such as feasibility review, budgeting, financial and revenue cycle management, monitoring and more
  • Tips and best practices for achieving compliant clinical research billing outcomes

Previously Recorded: March 15, 2018 
60 mins

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