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Reduce Administrative Burden with Integrated Research Solutions

Jon Tack
Director, Product Management

As protocols grow more complex and research staff are asked to take on more and more tasks, it’s imperative to find new ways to maximize operational processes. In many cases, research organizations implement technology to streamline clinical trial operations and build research efficiencies. However, research teams are often entering data into multiple systems, such as both a clinical trial management system (CTMS) and electronic medical record (EMR) system. In addition to the extra time needed for staff to manage the duplicate data entry, this process makes system workflows more complex, increasing the learning curve for users while providing little in return.

System integrations can significantly reduce redundant processes, allowing staff to focus more time on research and less on low-value administrative tasks. Join us for our upcoming webinar to hear Forte’s Director of Product Management, Jon Tack, discuss how system integration can benefit site operations by boosting data quality, improving communication across teams, increasing patient safety and saving staff time.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The operational benefits of system integration for processes such as data management, billing compliance, regulatory management and more.
  • How interfacing your CTMS with solutions like EMRs, IRB systems and HR systems, can improve communication and reduce administrative burden.
  • Why integrating your organization’s research solutions is the next step to a more streamlined approach to clinical trial conduct; and how Forte’s integration capabilities help customers build greater efficiencies.

Previously Recorded: July 17, 2018 
60 mins

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