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On-Demand Webinar: How to Branch Your Clinical Research Site Into New Therapeutic Areas & Build Your Patient Database

Presented by Christian Burns

This presentation will focus on a variety of business development, marketing, and media tactics that have been effective in branching research sites into new therapeutic areas and building up patient databases.

We'll share strategies your research site can utilize after bringing on a new investigator with a new specialization. Although your site may have research experience in several therapeutic areas, a new PI may give you an opportunity to expand your clinical trial experience into study indications that coincide with the new investigator’s specialty.

Other key topics include:

  • Strategies to make your feasibility questionnaire more appealing to sponsors so you can effectively break into new areas
  • Strategies to make sure your site can successfully recruit patients in the new therapeutic area after landing the first study
  • Importance of your research site’s online presence as an effective way to build up a patient database, competitive advertising strategies and typical advertising budgets


Recorded on May 6, 2015

Duration: 60 minutes

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