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Maximize the Value You See from Research Systems with these 3 Success Factors

Wendy Tate, PhD
Director, Analytics

The clinical research industry has always had a complicated relationship with technology. While research systems have the ability to improve study practices and streamline processes, many stakeholders are still slow to embrace new technologies that help meet the needs of an increasingly complex industry. Forte’s recent survey of 826 clinical research professionals revealed new insights about the role research technology plays in both individual and organizational practices, identifying key factors that influence the success of research systems.

During this presentation, Wendy Tate, Director of Analytics at Forte, discusses the top three practices identified by our survey respondents as critical to the success of systems at their organization. She outlines best practices for organizations to improve the perception of technology among research staff and increase the value they see from their research systems.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Explore how your organization’s technology use compares to that of your peers
  • Learn key factors to improve the perception of technology among research staff
  • Take away strategies to improve the value you see from your research systems

Previously recorded: September 27, 2018
60 mins

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