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Demonstrate your research ROI with EVAL

Demonstrate the impact of your research to the NCI, NIH and your organizational leadership

Forte's Research Evaluation System (EVAL) stores information related to investigators, grants, projects, publications, services and success stories. It gives organizations the ability to gather and connect the data they need to demonstrate the impact of their research.

EVAL is ideal for NCI-designated and emerging cancer centers, as well as academic medical centers receiving CTSAs.

  • For NCI-designated and emerging cancer centers, EVAL supports data table 1 and 2 reporting, including new enhancements to meet 2017 CCSG guidelines. Forte collaborated with customers and the NCI to ensure that EVAL meets the recently-published requirements.
  • For CTSA institutions, EVAL tracks and reports on Common Metrics, including Careers in Clinical & Translational Research and Pilot Funding & Publications.

See how EVAL can help showcase your research ROI. Plus, we'll show you how it integrates with Forte Insights to offer an even more powerful analytics and reporting solution.

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