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Regional Site Empowerment Meet-Ups: Initiating Conversation and Improving Site-Sponsor Relationships

Facilitated by Beth Harper

Over the course of two years, Forte Research Systems explored the concept of Site Empowerment through a webinar and blog series that culminated as a workshop at the 2016 Spring Onsemble conference. As ideas of how sites can become more empowered to take control and improve their relationships with sponsors and CROs evolved, a number of sites recognized the power of collaboration to assist their site empowerment efforts. Hence, the Regional Site Empowerment Meet-Ups emerged. 

This interactive webinar will feature a panel discussion with current regional meet-up group leaders, along with a representative from the Forte Customer Success team. We’ll discuss the value of the regional meet-up groups as well as their current goals, priorities and initiatives. During this webinar, you’ll also learn how you can get involved and make a contribution to the growing Site Empowerment movement.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Explain the evolution of the Regional Site Empowerment Meet-Up groups
  • Discuss the value proposition for the groups
  • List some initial goals and initiatives that the groups are undertaking
  • Share how you can become involved in the Site Empowerment initiative

Previously recorded: May, 2016
60 minutes

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