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How Protocol Feasibility Assists in Promoting Compliance

Wendy Tate Wendy Tate
Director of Analytics

Clinical studies are required to undergo IRB review to ensure the rights, safety and welfare of participants and many organizations require scientific review to ensure the scholarship of research. However, many organizations do not review protocols to ensure that they can support the study, which leads to an inability to complete the trial as planned, terminating potential benefits to participants, and impacting the overall medical pipeline to the population. Join us as Wendy Tate, Director of Analytics at Forte, focuses on adding a protocol feasibility committee to improve trial compliance and ethics through proper resource allocation and ensuring that the objectives can be met through proper accrual.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The purpose of a feasibility review and how it differs from IRB
  • Components of a feasibility review and how they can improve compliance and promote ethics
  • How IRBs can communicate with their academic units about reviewing protocol feasibility

Previously Recorded: November 2019
60 mins

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