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Discover a better way to pay with Forte Participant Payments

Simplify the payment workflow for everyone: study coordinators, participants and finance teams.

Forte Participant Payments is an automated system that helps organizations immediately pay subjects after each visit. By eliminating manual and inefficient processes for paying stipends and travel reimbursements, research organizations can spend less time on administrative tasks and put more focus on patient care.

Payments allows organizations to establish participant-centric payment processes and enables operational efficiencies:

  • Study coordinators can pay participants in three clicks with automatic stipends
  • Participants can choose preferred compensation method (reloadable debit card, direct deposit or check)
  • Finance teams can track payments with built-in accounting and tax reports

See how Payments can help reduce the amount of time spent managing the payment process. We’ll also show you how you can centralize study information and eliminate duplicate data entry by integrating Payments with OnCore or Allegro CTMS.

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