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Ask the IRB Director

Mariette Marsh
Director, Human Subjects Protection & Privacy Program
The University of Arizona

The compliance side of clinical research can often be confusing for clinical-focused research professionals. The myriad of regulations and the consequences of non-compliance often causes anxiety for researchers. In this webinar, Mariette Marsh, Director, Human Subjects Protection & Privacy Program at The University of Arizona, will address your questions regarding regulations, workflows, how to work with your compliance units and more. She will highlight key aspects of the compliance side of clinical research, with insight on how compliance units can assist researchers with achieving study goals efficiently.

The webinar will address the following topics:

  • Reportable items: What are they, when to report and what the IRB does with them
  • Working with single IRBs: How to engage your local IRB in a multi-site collaborative study
  • How the IRB assesses risk

Previously Recorded: August 2019
60 mins

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